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Applications are invited from students passed HS or its equivalent,with 65% + for higher studies.Apply with detail of family & its earnings,attach copies of marks sheet,,2 pp photos.1 contact no.Post to Sinchan,PB No.17125, Tollygunj. Kolkata 700033. May contact 9831715285 / 9831061896



Sinchan is on the Steady rise in its achievements to protect and preserve merit from destruction due to poverty. Within only ten years SINCHAN has shown immense endeavor to bring justice and thereby development in the society by lending a helping hand to about 300 highly meritorious students below the level of poverty throughout the State.

Starting with three students in 2004 we have so far undertaken the responsibilities of 300 students to carry on their higher studies in deffrerent streams through providding them with regular monthly grant til completion of their respective courses along with Books.In last ten years 188  students have already come out successfull and have established themselves in bright future carrier paving them to become self-reliant. Total number of students in defferent streams of our SINCHAN education schemes stands at 16 in M.B.B.S,18 in Engeniering,7 in Poltechnic,15 in MA,19 in MSc and 113 in Hons Graduate, amongst the 188 successfull youths.They came from the remotest parts of the State, struggling everyday against the challenges posed by extream poverty. SINCHAN comes in their way trying to sprinkle a few drops of life to their barren everyday livelihood and holds their hands bringing them from the darkness and despair of their life leading them to brighter world where the rays of sun softly touches their feet and gives a splash of reality to their dreams. Bertrand Russel once said, “it has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this.” So, the time is now ripe for us to come forward leaving behind our irrationalities and engage in a more rational act of making our world a better place to live for the generations that is coming next. 

We have made considerable progress in our activities in resisting brain drain in the society during last TEN years. In only 10 years of its glorious advancement SINCHAN has taken the responsibility of higher studies of 300 students of high talents from the economically distressed families of the society to build bright career in the streams of MBBS, B.Tech., Polytechnic, Graduate Honours and Master Degree with giving regular monthly SINCHAN FINANCIAL GRANTS at Rs.800/-, Rs.600/-, Rs.350/-., Rs.300/- and Rs.300/- respectively till the completion of their courses and for HS students one time help of Rs 2000/-only.

Already 188 students have come out successful and has possessed deserving quality for their self reliant bright future. They have become assets of our society and pride of SINCHAN as well. Shri Mrinmoy Biswas of Saltia of North 24-Parganas,is now doing  PhD. in BASUUE CENTRE in Bilbao,Spain for Applied Mathematics,after successfully completing  MSc & M.Phil  from  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bangalore.  Shri Debasish Biswas of Bongaon, North 24Pgs is now MBBS Doctor; Sri Sanjay Kr. Routh, of Garbadi, Dist-Midnapur East, now a Research Fellow at S.N.Bose Institute of National Basic Sciences. Shri Sankha Subhra Dey of Sahaganj, Hooghly now a BDO in Malda, Shri Ripon Sarkar of Kalyani Simanta of Nadia, B.Tech from BESU; and  few more  successful talents coming out worthy of the society's pride.

The yearly financial Load, SINCHAN bears at present on account of SINCHAN EDUCATION SCHEME stands at Rs.6,85,000.

Monthly financial grant are disbursed in the current year quaterly at a time. Our members go to the respective places of the applicants and hand over to them directly this financial monthly grant. By this process our members avail the scope of interacting with the beneficiaries and as such take a stock of the assessment of the progress of their study.

Democratic centralism is the main plank of our Organisation. We are striving hard to adhere to the policy of inclusiveness firstly amongst our members and then with the positive minded people of the society whose support is the bedrock of the success of the Organisation. Sacrifice is the main motive force of our members to do good for the society. Altruistic mindset is the pre-condition of the credentials of our members. To us development of the country is inevitably interlinked with the upliftment and emancipation of the have-nots. To get imbibed with the proper orientation to this ideology and to plunge into action programme with sincere most devotion and determination is the single minded aim of our members. Unflinching adherence to this value based approach of our Organisation has attracted gradually many positive minded potentials to come within its fold. It undoubtedly manifests the satisfactory speed and progress of our Organisation. It is only due to the initiatives of each and every member that we have been advancing with such a pace and dynamism. We are to maintain it by attaching sincere process of involvement of all our members. Co-ordination, cohesiveness and co-operation for implementation of our programme is imperative for our consistency of progress. We are still confined in one area of one section of our programmes of activities. As per our objectives there are lot more spheres where our activities should spread. We are to build wide network of infrastructure to cover all our tasks as per our decision. While we look forward that in near future we will be able to come up with our full fledged scheme, our members will come up with tolerance and tenacity to be equipped with the proper think tank to satisfy the expectation of our Organisation. It should be our utmost care and concern to nourish our Organisation to befit for the goal it is destined to. 

Let us drive for more potential membership/ sponserer and enable our Organisation to reach at the commanding height at its onward march for development and peace of our tormented society.


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